Buy a Segway Transporter and Accessories

If you are looking to buy Segway transporters or parts then you have come to the right place. You can find the latest and greatest Segways for sale on this page. You can buy Segway add-ons here too to get the most out of your Segway.

Click on the item of your choice below to get started. You will find both new and used versions of each item available in most cases.

We will continuously update this page with new Segways and accessories when they become available so feel free to check back here for updates. We also have a comprehensive list of Segway manuals and guides on our site in downloadable format.

Self Balancing Scooter (Segway alternative):


Buy a Segway PT (Latest Gen II models):

Take a look below if you are looking to buy Segway PT’s from the second generation product range.

i2 Models
i2 i2 Commuter
Segway-i2From $5,799.00 Segway-x2From $6,399.00


x2 Models
x2 x2 Golf
Segway-x2From $6,699.00 Segway-x2-GolfFrom $7,499.00


Buy a Segway HT (Gen I models):

If you wish to buy Segway HT models from the first generation product range, then you can find them available in the table below. Even though the Segway HT range is still supported, we suggest you go for one of the latest Gen II models to get the most out of your Segway experience.

i180 XT
segway-i180From $4,999.00 Segway XTFrom $4,999.00


Buy Segway Accessories:

If you want to get the most out of your Segway then you may want to also buy Segway accessories.

Segway Handlebar BagFrom $169.00 Segway SeatFrom $1,899.00 Segway Parking SignFrom $33.47


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