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Segway Battery

Segway¬†lithium-ion Batteries can run up to 24 miles on one charge with slight variation depending upon terrain type, model, riding style and load. The Segway battery is low¬†maintenance and long-life! ….Full info →

Segway Comfort Mats

The Segway comfort mats are thick industrial grade rubber that allow you to ride your Segway without feeling the strain! The Segway mats absorb jolts and shocks and come as ….Full info →

Segway i2 Lower Cargo Frames

The Segway i2 lower cargo frames provide you with the leverage required to haul and lift the Segway PT. The cargo frames accommodate cargo, lighting and other attachments. Full Details: ….Full info →

Segway Hard Cases

These GIVI hard cases are perfect for those that want extra cargo room on their Segway! The Segway hard cases are rugged lockable storage units that are able to secure ….Full info →

Segway Handlebar Bag

Equip your Segway PT with a handlebar bag and take all your things with you! The bag is big enough to carry all your essentials like keys, phone, wallet, lunch, ….Full info →

Segway Accessory Bar Kit

The Segway accessory bar kit attaches to the handlebar of your Segway! It provides extra space for mounting additional accessories like lights, reflective labels, to name a few. The Segway ….Full info →

Segway Parts & Accessories

On this page you will find a list of Segway parts and accessories to customize your Segway with. Create your very own Segway that suits your individual needs and preferences. ….Full info →