How Much Does a Segway Cost

How much does a Segway cost to buy?

how-much-does-a-segway-cost-to-buyA brand new second generation Segway PT will cost anywhere from around $6,000 up to $8,000, depending on what model you decide to go for. The Segway x2 range cost more than the Segway i2 range, and the less basic the package you choose the more you will be paying.

The great thing about the Segway PT is that it is very efficient to use and can end up paying for itself in just under two years.

How much does a Segway cost to run?

how-much-does-a-segway-cost-to-runThe Segway PT’s motors require no maintenance, and unlike a car does not require clutch replacements or oil changes, to name a few. All you need to do with your Segway PT is keep it charged and check your tire pressure, and that is pretty much it!

The Segway PT is an ideal transportation device, and is approximately 11 times more efficient than the average american car and more than 3 times more efficient than the most efficient scooters. The Segway PT only costs about a penny per mile in energy to use.

Take a look below for a comparison of costs between a Segway PT and a car.

Estimated Monthly Car Costs:

Payment: $400

Gas: $175

Insurance: $125

Maitenenace: $75

Parking/Tolls: $25

TOTAL = $800 (own in 4 years)

Estimated Monthly Segway PT costs:

Payment: $297

Electricity: $3

TOTAL = $300 (own in 18 months)

As you can see, the Segway PT is a well worthwhile investment as it will pay for itself in a short period of time and save you money in the long run because it is so efficient to run and maintain. It truly is a green transportation device.

If you are looking for a Segway for sale then feel free to check out our store where you can buy a Segway electric scooter or any Segway accessories and attachments.

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