Segway i2 Commuter for sale

segway-i2-commuter-for-saleThe i2 Commuter is ideal for those that want to use their Segway mainly for commuting purposes. The Segway i2 Commuter package equips the Segway i2 with additional features to cater for your everyday travel needs.

With the i2 Commuter you will have the added benefit of a handlebar bag for storing items, reflective labels making you more visible while on the move, comfort mats for added comfort, and a parking stand and lock for your Segway.

i2 Commuter Core Features:

  • Designed for commuting over a variety of terrains.
  • Use indoors and outdoors.
  • Fully rain-proof sealed.
  • LeanSteer Technology and automatic balance.
  • Wireless InfoKey Controller
  • Anti-theft system.
  • Lithium-ion batteries; Recharge from a standard wall outlet.
  • Handlebar bag
  • Reflectivity
  • Comfort mats
  • LED Taillight
  • Parking stand
  • Segway Lock Kit
  • Top Speed: 12.5mph (20kph).
  • Range: 24 miles (38km).
  • Weight: 105 lbs (47.7kg).
  • Tire Diameter: 19 in (48 cm).
  • Footprint: 19×25 in (48×63 cm).


See what the i2 Commuter can do below:

Get an i2 Commuter Today

segway-i2-commuter-thumbIn our store you will find the Segway i2 Commuter for sale along with other models. You can also buy Segway accessories so you can get the most out of your Segway.

Consumer Testimonials

i2 Commuter customers have said the following:

Shwan D: “I frequently glide past stopped traffic on my way to work”

Pam G.: “It is fun, efficient, and comfortable”

Victor Z: “I think you will recover the investment in less than two years because of what you would normally spend on fuel”

Douglas B. “I ride it to work and back, it is the ultimate convertible!”

Jeff L.: “I ride it in the building, up the elevator and park it out of the way”

“I often find new shortcuts through parks and shopping centers!”

More i2 models

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