Segway Technology Overview

Segways are designed, developed and built with innovative, durable and reliable technology.

LeanSteer Technology

When you lean the handlebar of your Segway PT in the direction you wish to move, it responds immediately. This is made possible through Segway's unique and innovative LeanSteer Technology.

The Segway PT is packed with multiple sensors and accelerometers which automatically sense your body movement and the change in ground conditions at an impressive rate of 100 times per second. This enables it to remain balanced at all times.

Segway Battery

The Segway PT is powered by two lithium-ion batteries and collects electricity while it is being recharged. Recharging your Segway is made easy using a standard wall outlet, and a 15 minute charge gives you enough electricity to travel 1mile (1.6km). It will take around 8 to 10 hours for a full days charge. The Segway PT also recharges itself while it is moving downhill.

A single full charge will enable the Segway PT to move approximately 24 miles (38km) in total, although this may vary depending on factors such as terrain type, riding style and speed, cargo weight, etc. It will cost less than a newspaper in electricity for a full day's charge (approx. 8-10 hours).

Segway InfoKey Controller

The InfoKey controller is the equivalent of a car key, although this does much more. It is programmed just for your Segway and is used to start and lock the device. But it doesn't stop there, your InfoKey controller will also provide you with information about battery levels, system performance, speed, distance travelled, to name a few.

It also comes with an intelligent anti-theft system so that you can park it with piece of mind. If anyone tries to move or tamper with your Segway, it will respond by locking the wheels, sounding an alarm, vibrating, and will even inform you by sending a wireless alert to your InfoKey.

Just like how a new car comes with two keys, your Segway will come with two wireless Infokey controllers.

Segway Speed Settings

Segway PTs have two speed modes: the beginner speed setting which sets the speed to 6mph (13kph) and the standard speed setting which sets the speed to 12.5mph (20kph).

You have the additional option however to set your own preferred beginner and standard setting speeds using your InfoKey controller.

Segway Transportability

Segways will in most cases fit in the trunk of a car. You can collapase the LeanSteer frame for easier storage.


You don't have to worry about the rain when using your Segway, it is sealed completely so that it can be used in wet weather conditions.

Segway Efficiency

The Segway PT runs on electricity alone, and therefore produces zero-emissions during operation. This enables it to be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Segway Weight Limits

One thing you may wish to consider when looking for a Segway for sale is the weight limit restrictions.

A user must not weigh less than 100lbs (45kg). The maximum combined weight of a user and any cargo is 260 lbs (117kg).

The combined weight of any handlebar cargo and anything else suspended from the handlebar should not be greater than 10lbs (4.5kg).

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