Segway x2 Adventure for sale

segway-x2-adventure-for-saleThe x2 Adventure is great for those that want extra cargo room while on the Segway. The Segway x2 Adventure package equips the Segway x2 with extra accessories that are ideal for an off-road adventure.

With the x2 Adventure you have the added benefit of a handlebar bag to store your tools and water bottles, universal cargo plates for gear, an accessory bar, LeanSteer Frame tool-less release for easy transport/storage, and a 5W LED Headlamp.

Main x2 Adventure Features:

  • Designed for improved performance on varied terrains.
  • Fully Rain-proof.
  • LeanSteer Technology and auto-balance.
  • InfoKey Controller and anti-theft system.
  • Two Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Recharge it from any standard wall outlet.
  • Scratch-resistant Fenders.
  • Multi-purpose terrain tyres.
  • Lift Handles/Fender Frames.
  • 5W LED Headlamp.
  • Handlebar Bag.
  • Two Universal Cargo Plates.
  • Accessory Bar.
  • LeanSteer Frame Tool-less release.
  • Max. Speed: 12.5 mph (20 kmh)
  • Tire Diameter: 33 in (83.82cm)
  • Range: 12 miles (19km)
  • Footprint: 21x33in
  • Weight: 120 lbs (54.4kg)


Take a look at the x2 Adventure in the video here:

Find an x2 Adventure

segway-x2-adventure-thumbYou can find the Segway x2 Adventure for sale in our Store. You can buy a Segway and also find many different Segway accessories for sale.

Consumer Testimonials

Timi M.: “Life with a Segway is a blast”

John H.: “I use the Segway practically every day, it gets me outside more”

Robert M.: “My experience with the Segway has been incredible”

Terry P.: “I use it to go to my gym which is at the top of a long hill”

Additional x2 Models:

The three other types of Segway x2 models available are:

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